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Florida Deed Order Form

Note:  This Order Form may be used only by licensed attorneys.  Please fax completed form to 727-734-8774 with requested documents.  Credit card or prepaid orders only.  No agreement to provide services exists unless we sign the form accepting the order and return it to you by fax at number indicated.   This Form is also available here in PDF format.  Printing the PDF document rather than this web page is recommended to save printer toner due to this web page's dark background.

Attorney Name:     __________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:    ___________________________________________________________

Telephone No.: (_____) _____________  Fax No.: (____) ______________

E-Mail Address:     __________________________________________

Bar License State and Bar No.: ________________________________

If more info needed, please contact me by (circle one):   Phone  Fax  E-Mail


Name  of Grantor(s): _______________________________________________

Mailing Address of Grantor(s): _______________________________________________

Name of Grantee(s) (if trust, use following format: John Jones, as Trustee of the John Jones Living Trust dated September 1, 2001):


Mailing Address of Grantee(s):


SSN of Grantee(s) (optional but recommended if property will be homestead of Grantee):  ____________________________________________ 

Is property homestead (answer yes if property is primary residence and Grantor is a Florida resident) (circle one):  Yes   No

If property is homestead and Grantor is married, please give name and mailing address of Grantor's spouse if not already provided:



Amount of Outstanding Mortgage (if none write N/A): $________________________

Base price per deed is $200.00 each ($175.00 each for multiple deeds to be recorded in same county as part of same order).  Modified Life Estate Deeds ("Lady-bird" Deeds) are $395.00 each ($300.00 each for same county multiple orders).  Recording fees (generally $10.00 first page, $8.50 each additional page), documentary stamp taxes ($0.70 each if less than $100 consideration, otherwise $0.70 per $100 consideration), express mail charges (if any) additional.  Typical deed is two pages long, but may be more if legal description is long.   Modified Life Estate Deeds are three-four pages long, depending on legal description.   If property is mortgaged, amount of consideration for documentary stamp tax purposes may include amount of "mortgage shifting."   No title examination or insurance provided.   Deed will be prepared relying solely on information provided.  Deed will be a general warranty deed unless otherwise requested.  No legal advice provided  and no warranties made with respect to any possible Medicaid disqualification, loss of prior title insurance, or loss of homestead exemption from forced sale, and we advise you that these issues should be considered prior to execution and recording of deed.  Please fax over this Order Form with copy of existing deed, property tax bill, trust pages showing name of trust, identifying trustees and signatures (if applicable). Deed will be prepared and mailed with execution instructions within five business days after the later of (i) signed acceptance of order, and (ii) receipt of all required information.  Services will be considered performed in full and credit card will be charged for base price per deed  prepared and express mail charges (if any) upon mailing of deed to you for client execution, regardless of whether deed is executed by your client and returned to us.  Mail executed documents to James F. Gulecas, P.A., 1968 Bayshore Boulevard, Dunedin, FL 34698, with check made payable to "Clerk of Court, _______________ County" for total amount of recording fees and documentary stamp taxes.  We will tell you the total check amount.  We will forward deed and check to appropriate Clerk of Court.   Upon receipt of recorded deed, original will be mailed to you for presentation to your client. 

As an alternative to mailing, we can e-mail the deed and execution instructions to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 


Name as it Appears on Credit Card:  ___________________________________________________________+

Type of Credit Card (circle one): MasterCard/Visa

Credit Card Number: ___________________________________________

Expiration Date: _______________________________________________

Credit Card Billing Address: _____________________________________


Amount authorized: $ ____________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________



By: _______________________________    Date: ___________________

James F. Gulecas, Esq., Its President

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